Dual Shades Miami

Dual Shades

Custom Roman Shades are typically produced using materials such as cotton, silks, canvas and any sort of combination. Many materials are polyester based as well as rayon. These are typically considered to be the best in the Roman shade family. True custom Roman shades offer many styles that offer the consumer an opportunity to find the perfect style to fit their homes décor. Simply Shades is the best option for Roman Shades Miami.

Roman Shades Miami go back as far as Roman times, but although saying the name “Roman Shades does not define the final product. There are numerous categories and options available all which require guidance and insight from experienced window treatment professionals such as Simply Shades.

Unlike other styles of shades, roman shades are often more decorative, giving your room the style you’d typically see from drapes. Roman shades offer endless possibilities and are a common choice for homeowners. If you’re interested in roman shades, the first decision is choosing the overall style and color scheme that best suits your windows. Simply Shades Miami offers a wide spectrum of styles including striped, patterned, and various other designs.

Styles and Benefits of Roman Shades

Classic Style

Offers the cleanest appearance with the shade is fully raised. The Classic Roman is thee most popular as is has concealed support rods at every pleat to fold neater and lie flatter than other flat shades. This style works well with most fabrics and is highly recommended for fabrics with a pattern.

European Style

Similar to the flat fold style, however the primary difference is that the bottom of the shade curves in a wide “U” shape, adding a European style to the roman shade.

Flat Style

Fabric panels fold over one another as you raise the shade to the desired height. In the Flat Fold style, the fabric panels simply fold and unfold over the next, as you adjust the height of the shade. When the shade is raised, the pleats should lie flat, and stack up into each other. This style is ideal for those looking for a clean, modern look.

Bamboo Style

Bamboo shades, matchstick shades, bamboo roman, woven wood shades, woven wood roman shades, matchstick roman, offer the ability to work with the newest color schemes provided in today’s modern homes. It allows you to work with stain colors of cabinets, hardwood floors, and the influence of leather furnishings. When raised, they offer their own special decorative look, but when lowered fully, provide beauty and privacy!